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Bath Salts How to Make Bath Salts - Christmas Eucalyptus bath salt recipe

Published on September 3rd, 2013 | by HowToMakeBathSalts

Make Bath Salts – Christmas Eucalyptus

Want to learn how to make bath salts? Well look no further. Here’s a simple bath salt recipe to get you started. While this recipe is a great treat for around christmas time, it’s actually good year round. Without further ado, let’s get started making bath salts!

If you want this bath salt recipe to turn out stunning, I suggest that you do the following. Make the red part of your bath salts peppermint, and the green part eucalyptus, then layer them. That’s a sure-fire way to give them some christmas cheer while also making them visually stunning.

This recipe also includes Himalayan salts which are great if you’re learning how to make bath salts. They are an easy salt to work with, and don’t clump easily. I’d recommend them, plus they are considered an “exotic” salt and can fetch higher prices if you are selling your salts.

Using part Himalayan salts combined with sea salt does two things for you. It gives your salt the exotic appeal, while helping to keep prices down off the start. Not many people are willing to pay top of the line prices for all-Himalayan salts – though you will find a few.

How to Make Bath Salts

You can modify this bath salt recipe to suit you if you wish – I’d suggest you stick close for best results but don’t be afraid to play around! There’s really nothing complicated about learning how to make bath salts – you just need some good recipes and this is a great way to get you started. See below for the full recipe.


  • 1 Cup of Dead Sea Salt – I think fine grain would be best. Combining it with coarse grain Himalayan salt will give you a nice effect. I typically recommend getting these salts from San Francisco Bath Salt Company


To learn how to make bath saltsĀ Click here for the full homemade bath salts recipe

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