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Soaps Simple DIY Lavender Soap Recipe

Published on December 24th, 2013 | by HowToMakeBathSalts

Simple DIY Lavender Soap Recipe

This has to be one of the absolute best looking DIY Lavender Soap recipes we have found in a long time. Probably the best we’ve found in the last month for sure. As Christmas comes you’re sure to get busier and busier – that’s why we haven’t posted something like this for a while – but taking time out for hobbies is also very important.

From handling the chemicals and ingredients required to pouring them into the molds – this post will cover it all. ┬áThe best part is that these soaps were made the lazy way – melting down supplies from your local craft store! It simply doesn’t get any easier than that! Heck you can even do this with your child and a crock pot – as long as you are taking some minimal precautions.

While the actual DIY Lavender soap must set for about 24 hours before you take it out and use it, the whole process shouldn’t take you more than a couple hours. Pretty easy and relaxing for Christmas.

One of the beautiful things about this is that this soap recipe is really easy to customize. Changing the herbs and scents, adding exfoliants – it’s all possible and laid out in pretty good detail.

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